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Avigilon H5A IR PTZ

Operational Reliability for Traffic Monitoring

The Avigilon H5A IR Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) camera empowers security teams to see more in the dark with an automated IR illumination range of up to 300 metres and the ability to look up 20 degrees above the horizon. Leverage the camera’s 360-degree views, up to 40x zoom and high-resolution imaging for superior situational awareness of vast sites in the most challenging lighting conditions. Whether it’s a completely dark airfield or a poorly lit parking lot, the H5A IR PTZ is ready to take on the outdoors with its ability to resist water, corrosion, dust and impact.

Automated IR Illumination

The H5A IR PTZ can see up to 300 metres in complete darkness and can automatically adjust the IR projection angle according to its zoom level and field of view, ensuring the scene is consistently illuminated.

Above The Horizon Look Up

With the ability to look up 20 degrees above the horizon, the H5A IR PTZ provides more coverage than a typical PTZ camera.

Next-Generation Video Analytics With Auto-Tracking

The Avigilon H5A IR PTZ comes equipped with Next-Generation Video Analytics and additional AI capabilities to proactively detect and automatically track people and vehicles, capturing greater detail of the subject for investigations.

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