Avigilon Unity 8

AI-Powered Video Management System

Avigilon Unity Video 8 is an on-premise, end-to-end video management solution that integrates Avigilon’s AI-powered video management system (VMS) with advanced cloud-managed features. This solution provides powerful, intelligent, unified security management across multiple sites and users. It offers a range of benefits, including:

Avigilon Unity offers a comprehensive suite of benefits designed to enhance security, improve operational efficiency, and provide advanced surveillance capabilities. Here are the key benefits derived from the sources provided:

Key Benefits

  • Powerful and Intelligent Security: Avigilon Unity Video 8 integrates AI-powered video management systems with advanced cloud-managed features, offering a powerful, intelligent security solution that elevates situational awareness.
  • Unified Management: It enables effortless management of multiple sites and users, providing a unified login for all applications and a single installer for software updates, simplifying the administration of the security system.
  • Advanced Edge Analytics: The AdaptAI edge analytics platform detects potentially critical events such as unusual crowds and auditory disturbances, enhancing the system’s ability to respond to security threats.
  • Enhanced Access Control: Unity Privilege Management allows centralised management of user privileges across all sites, ensuring consistent security policies and access rights throughout the organisation.
  • Cloud Convenience: Unity Cloud Services offer easy access to camera feeds and real-time mobile notifications, ensuring users stay connected and informed anytime, anywhere.
  • Facial Recognition Technology: AI-powered facial recognition technology helps organisations accelerate response times by identifying people of interest, enhancing the effectiveness of security operations.
  • License Plate Recognition Analytics: Automatically reads license plate information, linking it to live and recorded video, which aids in quickly identifying and investigating vehicles of interest.
  • Visible Firearm Detection (VFD): This system provides real-time alarms when brandished firearms are detected, improving the ability to respond to potential threats and enhancing overall security.
  • Unusual Activity Detection (UAD): Uses edge-based intelligence for object-level detection of atypical activity, alerting operators to potential security breaches or unusual behaviour.
  • Dynamic Privacy Masking: This technology meets privacy requirements by tracking and blurring people and vehicles in the video. Authorised personnel can also lift the masking during investigations.
  • Scalable Integration: This feature features a distributed architecture. NET-based and REST-based APIs for easy integration with other systems, such as access control and building management, provide a scalable and flexible security solution.
  • Appearance Search Technology: An AI-powered video search engine that allows users to search for a person or vehicle of interest, streamlining investigations and enhancing the efficiency of security operations.
  • Access Control Unification: Seamlessly integrates with Unity Access systems to verify identities, providing a comprehensive security solution combining video surveillance and access control.
  • Decision Management Module: A cloud-based module streamlining investigations by unifying video, access control, and intrusion management into a single screen, improving the decision-making process during security incidents.

Key Features

  • Unity Privilege Management: Allows centralized management of user privileges across all sites within an organization from a single interface, enabling the configuration of roles, user groups, and policies to harmonize privileges on all sites.
  • Clip Link Sharing: Enabled by Unity Cloud Services, this feature facilitates the easy export and sharing of short video clips via a link without the need for additional licenses, fees, or subscriptions.
  • Single Login Credential: With a single, unified login, you can easily and hassle-free manage all aspects of the video management system.
  • Facial Recognition Technology: AI-powered technology that aids organizations in accelerating response times by identifying people of interest. It allows for the easy population of watch lists by uploading images or finding faces from recorded videos.
  • License Plate Recognition Analytics: automatically reads vehicle license plate information, linking it to live and recorded video. It enables creating and importing multiple vehicle license plate watch lists for instant alarm notifications upon detecting a license plate match or for searching and quickly finding specific captured license plate videos for verification and investigation.
  • Visible Firearm Detection (VFD): This feature provides real-time alarms when brandished firearms are detected, enhancing security and response times. It is available only on AI NVR and ENVR2, and a separate license is required.
  • Unusual Activity Detection (UAD): Employs edge-based intelligence using advanced AI technology for object-level detection of atypical activity, enabling operators to be alerted when a person or vehicle is in an unusual location in the scene or moving at an unusual speed.
  • Dynamic Privacy Masking: Meets privacy requirements by tracking and blurring people and vehicles appearing in the video, with the flexibility for authorized personnel to lift the masking during investigations. This feature is to be available post-launch via a firmware upgrade.
  • System Architecture and Software Editions: Avigilon Unity 8 offers a scalable and flexible architecture that supports a wide range of system requirements and is compliant with ONVIF® profiles S, T, and G. It provides various software editions (Core, Standard, Enterprise) to cater to different organizational needs, including support for a significant number of cameras per server/site, client licenses per server, and integration capabilities with external systems.
  • These features collectively make Avigilon Unity Video 8 a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to leverage advanced video surveillance technology with the convenience of cloud-managed services.