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JD Security excels in designing, engineering, installing, and maintaining AXIS Cameras, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide cutting-edge technology for our clients. As a distinguished Gold Partner in Australia and New Zealand, we have extensive experience delivering tailored, high-quality solutions that meet our customers’ unique needs.

Industry Recognition

Our outstanding achievements have earned us the following awards:

  • Oceania Partner of the Year Multi-Site Retail: In 2020 and 2022, JD Security was named the Oceania Partner of the Year for Multi-site Retail, demonstrating its exceptional expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions.
  • Partner of the Year NSW & ACT 2022: In 2023, JD Security was named Partner of the Year for NSW & ACT at the AXIS Oceania Partner Awards in Alice Springs.
  • Partner of the Year NSW 2023: At the Axis Oceania Partner Awards 2024, JD Security won NSW Partner of the Year.
  • E2E Champion Partner: JD Security was recognised as an E2E Champion Partner at AXIS’ Oceania Partner Awards in 2020, 2022, and 2023, highlighting its ability to deliver comprehensive solutions that meet customers’ evolving needs with a complete AXIS solution, including cameras, video analytics, video recorders and video management systems.

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AXIS Device Manager streamlines Camera Lifecycle Management

AXIS Device Manager, a camera lifecycle management application, helps minimise cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities associated with IP cameras and automates management tasks.

  • Verify that all devices are running the latest and most secure firmware versions, and push firmware updates and new certificates to all cameras simultaneously.
  • Apply cybersecurity controls such as HTTPS and IEEE 802.1x certificates.
  • Manage user privilege levels across the network and configure modifications.
  • Fast, easy configuration of devices with backup and restore settings.
  • Manage camera installation, security and operational tasks.
  • View the warranty status of devices.
  • AXIS Device Manager

Save Time & Effort Managing IP Cameras with AXIS Device Manager

AXIS Device Manager helps organisations save time & stress when it comes to managing cybersecurity risk. AXIS Device Manager helps you:

  • Easily create or reconfigure security settings and apply them across your network to ensure all devices comply with current security policies and practices.
  • The tool provides a centralized Management dashboard for managing all your Axis devices, making it easy to monitor and maintain your camera infrastructure.
  • AXIS Device Manager helps you maintain the security of your cameras by managing HTTPS and IEEE 802.1x certificates, ensuring that your devices are protected from cyber threats.
  • AXIS Device Manager is suitable for managing up to several thousand Axis devices, making it an ideal solution for large-scale camera installations.

AXIS Device Manager User Account Management

AXIS Device Manager quickly and efficiently manages multiple accounts and passwords for AXIS Devices. AXIS Devices belong to three different privilege levels: viewer, operator and administrator.

Cyber Security in the Camera and on the Edge of the Network

Specifically designed for Video Surveillance, the latest AXIS in-house designed “system-on-a-chip” (SoC), ARTPEC-8, protects cameras from cyber attacks – such as unauthorised malevolent “firmware” upgrades that could create a “backdoor”. Find out more on AXIS cybersecurity features here.

AXIS Edge Vault is a hardware-based cybersecurity platform that safeguards the integrity and security of AXIS cameras. It provides several key cybersecurity features:

AXIS ARTPEC8 SIA Award Winner 2022

AXIS ARTPEC-8 System-on-Chip

Like all its predecessors, ARTPEC-8 SoC is designed in-house by AXIS for network video. It powers formidable video analytics applications based on deep learning (AI) on the edge such as AXIS Object Analytics. ARTPEC-8 also opens the door to other analytics based on deep learning on the edge including tailor-made applications from AXIS partners. In addition, ARTPEC-8 enables an array of remarkable capabilities and features first seen with the implementation of ARTPEC-8. These include superior imaging, enhanced cybersecurity, powerful compression, and impressive analytics on the edge.

The AXIS ARTPEC-8 System-on-Chip (SoC) is the latest generation of custom-designed SoC from Axis Communications, developed explicitly for network video applications. It builds upon the capabilities of its predecessor, ARTPEC-7, and introduces several advanced features and improvements.

Key Features and Capabilities

  1. Deep Learning Analytics on the Edge: ARTPEC-8 is designed to support powerful analytics applications based on deep learning directly on the camera, known as “on the edge” processing. This allows for real-time object detection and classification, enabling applications such as AXIS Object Analytics to distinguish between different types of objects, including various vehicle types and pedestrians.

  2. Enhanced Imaging and Compression: The chip supports superior imaging technologies such as Axis Lightfinder 2.0 and Axis Forensic WDR, which ensure high-quality video capture even in challenging lighting conditions. It also includes advanced compression technologies like H.264 and H.265, which help reduce bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising video quality.
  3. Cybersecurity: ARTPEC-8 incorporates robust cybersecurity features, including signed firmware, secure boot, and Edge Vault and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) support to store cryptographic keys and certificates securely. These features help protect against unauthorised access and ensure the system’s integrity.

  4. In-House Development: Axis Communications develops the ARTPEC SoCs in-house, allowing complete control over the design and manufacturing process. This ensures that the SoCs are optimised for the specific needs of professional video surveillance, providing high performance, reliability, and security.
  5. Applications and Use Cases: The ARTPEC-8 SoC is used in various Axis network video products, including the AXIS Q1656/-LE and AXIS Q3536-LVE/38-LVE cameras. These cameras benefit from the chip’s advanced features, offering high-resolution video, detailed analytics, and reliable performance in diverse environments such as airports, ferry terminals, and shopping centres.

Benefits of ARTPEC-8

  • Real-Time Processing: ARTPEC-8 reduces latency and improves the speed and accuracy of alerts and event triggers by analysing data directly on the camera.
  • Cost Efficiency: The chip’s efficient compression and processing capabilities reduce the need for external servers and storage, leading to cost savings.
  • Scalability: The reduced bandwidth and storage requirements make it easier to scale surveillance systems.
  • Enhanced Security: The built-in cybersecurity features ensure the system remains secure against evolving threats.

In summary, the AXIS ARTPEC-8 System-on-Chip represents a significant advancement in network video technology, offering enhanced deep learning analytics, superior imaging, robust cybersecurity, and cost-effective scalability for professional video surveillance applications.


AXIS OS features different tracks depending on your needs. The long-term support (LTS) tracks maximise stability and focus on maintaining a well-integrated third-party system by providing bug fixes and security patches. On the other hand, the active track allows access to the newest state-of-the-art features and functionalities, as well as bug fixes and security patches, which defines the active track as the software-development-focused track.

Sustainable Manufacturing & Packaging

At JD Security, we’re committed to sustainability and the fight against climate change. We believe that by working with our partners, such as AXIS Communications, we can contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change. Our partnership ensures that the surveillance cameras we install for our customers are sustainably manufactured and meet the highest environmental standards set out by the EU’s Energy Star program. This reduces the environmental impact and provides our customers with reliable and secure surveillance solutions for long-term use.

AXIS Communications is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of their products. To do this, they have implemented various sustainable packaging solutions that prioritize recycling and optimize product packaging. They strive to use cardboard, paperboard, and bio-based plastics for their packaging instead of traditional plastic components. By doing so, AXIS Communications has significantly reduced its plastic use and helped create a more sustainable production cycle. Additionally, AXIS Communications also works closely with its suppliers to ensure that its packaging complies with the highest standards regarding strength, durability, and sustainability.

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