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AXIS Companion

Perfect for Retail Stores, Hotels & Offices

AXIS Companion is the market’s easiest to use video surveillance solution for small systems up to 16 cameras. It offers future-proof IP advantages such as superb digital HDTV image quality. The system consists of standard AXIS cameras, SD cards, software clients for PC and smartphones, and standard network equipment.

HDTV Image Quality

AXIS Companion delivers crisp, clear HDTV image quality, for reliable identification of people and incidents. It’s easy to access the system over the Internet to view live or recorded video from home or from another site. With its PC client, as well as apps for iPhone, iPad & Android, AXIS Companion lets you view video at any time – from anywhere.

A Cost-Efficient, Robust System

The free AXIS Companion software client only needs to be used at installation. For viewing live or recorded video, or exporting video after an incident, either the client or a smartphone app can be used. With AXIS Companion, all video is recorded on SD memory cards in the cameras. No central DVR, NVR, PC or server is necessary – making each camera a smart, independent video recording device!

Easy, Straightforward Operation

AXIS Companion is developed with focus on ease of use for the casual as well as the more active end user. The interface is simple and intuitive, with easy access to the most common activities, such as viewing live video, searching through recordings and exporting videos and snapshots. You can step through recorded video and export high-quality HDTV video clips or snapshots to colleagues & authorities.

Scalable & Future-Proof

AXIS Companion is a scalable & future-proof network video solution for up to 16 cameras. Adding new cameras to the system is easy. No extra charge or additional equipment needed. Existing analog cameras can be integrated using Axis video encoders. If you want to step up to another IP solution in the future, you can re-use all your installed Axis network cameras and video encoders, as well as your network equipment.

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