AXIS M43 Series

Panoramic Camera Series

The AXIS M43 Series represents panoramic surveillance, offering features designed to deliver unparalleled image quality and comprehensive coverage. With its innovative stereographic lens and Sharpdome 360 technology, the series provides exceptional sharpness across the entire image, ensuring a complete 180° or 360° field of view with up to 12 MP resolution. This ensures detailed and precise video under any lighting condition. The Lightfinder technology enhances this capability by ensuring lifelike colours in low-light conditions. At the same time, the day/night functionality and built-in IR illumination with individually controllable LEDs guarantee clear, reflection-free footage even in complete darkness.

The inclusion of a deep learning processing unit (DLPU) enables advanced processing and storage, facilitating efficient forensic search capabilities in both live and recorded video. The AXIS M43 Series also prioritizes cybersecurity with its ARTPEC-8 platform, including features like Axis Edge Vault to protect device IDs and simplify network authorization. Designed to blend seamlessly into any environment, these discreet, compact mini domes are factory-focused and include digital roll functionality for easy installation and adjustment.

Key Features of the AXIS M43 Series

The AXIS M43 Series boasts critical features that enhance surveillance capabilities in low-light environments, commercial spaces, high-traffic areas and vandal-prone locations.

These features include:

  • Stereographic Lens and Sharpdome 360: This technology ensures greater sharpness at the edges of the image, providing a comprehensive 180° or 360° overview with excellent image quality.
  • High Resolution: The cameras offer up to 12 MP resolution, ensuring detailed and clear images.
  • Lightfinder Technology: This feature ensures lifelike colours in low light conditions, enhancing the quality of the video captured during the night or in poorly lit areas.
  • Day/Night Functionality & Built-in IR Illumination: With individually controllable LEDs, these cameras can produce clear, reflection-free footage and maintain excellent image quality even in low light or complete darkness.
  • Deep Learning Processing Unit (DLPU): This enables improved processing and storage capabilities, allowing advanced analytics and efficient forensic search capabilities in live or recorded video.
  • AXIS Object Analytics: This feature allows for the detection and classification of humans, vehicles, and types of vehicles tailored to specific surveillance needs.
  • Built-in Cybersecurity Features: The series is built on the ARTPEC-8 platform and includes features like Axis Edge Vault to help prevent unauthorized access and safeguard the system.
  • Discreet, Compact Design: The mini domes are designed to blend seamlessly into any environment. They are delivered factory-focused and include digital roll functionality for remote adjustment of the camera overview.
  • Forensic WDR (Wide Dynamic Range): This feature ensures that details are captured clearly in the scene’s bright and dark areas.
  • AXIS Zipstream Technology: Supports H.264 and H.265 video compression, significantly reducing bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising image quality.

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