AXIS Q17 Series

High-Resolution Bullet Cameras

AXIS Q17 Series are day & night HDTV cameras ideal for securing areas such as streets & intersections, casinos, passport controls, airports & railway stations where high-quality identification is needed.

AXIS Q17 Network Cameras offer enhanced video motion detection, audio detection, active tampering alarm & Gatekeeper functionality. The outdoor-ready models are IP66-rated & feature AXIS’ unique Arctic Temperature Control for start-up & operation of zoom cameras in temperatures as low as -40°.

The AXIS Q17 camera series is a range of high-performance indoor and outdoor fixed network cameras designed for advanced surveillance and security applications. These cameras are ideal for securing areas such as streets and intersections, airports, railway stations, casinos, and passport controls, where high-quality identification is necessary.

Key Features and Technologies of the AXIS Q17 Series

  • High-Resolution Video: The cameras offer resolutions ranging from HDTV 1080p to 4K Ultra HD, ensuring sharp and clear images.
    Varifocal Lenses: The cameras come with varifocal lenses, which allow for remote zoom and focus capabilities. Users can adjust the field of view and focus remotely for optimal surveillance coverage.
  • Advanced Image Processing: The series features advanced image processing technologies such as Axis Zipstream technology, which reduces bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising image quality, and dynamic range optimization for balanced exposure in scenes with varying light levels.
  • Intelligent Video Capabilities: The cameras’ Axis Analytics technology can detect and alert users to potential security threats or suspicious behaviour, enhancing security monitoring efficiency.
  • Low-Light Performance: Axis Lightfinder technology enables the cameras to deliver colour images even in very low-light conditions, ensuring high-quality surveillance around the clock.
  • Electronic Image Stabilization: The Q17 series includes electronic image stabilization to counteract the effects of camera vibrations and ensure steady video footage.
  • Optical Zoom Lens: The cameras feature an optical zoom lens, allowing for detailed images from a distance.
  • Power over Ethernet: The cameras support Power over Ethernet (PoE), making installation and maintenance easier.
  • Outdoor Durability: The outdoor-ready models are IP66-rated and feature Axis’ unique Arctic Temperature Control, allowing for start-up and operation in temperatures as low as -40°C.
  • Enhanced Video Motion Detection: The cameras offer enhanced video motion detection, audio detection, active tampering alarm, and Gatekeeper functionality.
  • Forensic WDR and Lightfinder 2.0: These technologies guarantee images with saturated colours and sharp details of moving objects, even in challenging light or near darkness.
  • Built-in OptimizedIR: This feature enables unobtrusive surveillance in total darkness.
  • Scene Profiles and Auto-Rotate Functionality: These features deliver optimal coverage and consistently excellent image quality.
    Analytics Compute Capability: The cameras have analytics compute capability with deep learning on the edge.

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