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ACS 5 Mobile App

Mobile App for Remote Monitoring

The AXIS Camera Station Mobile App is a mobile application that facilitates remote video surveillance and access control. It’s part of the AXIS Camera Station, a comprehensive video management system that integrates with Axis network cameras and IP devices. The mobile app allows users to access multiple surveillance systems remotely, providing functionalities such as live view, playback of recorded events, and export of recordings. Users can view live and recorded videos in standard or high definition and switch between streaming profiles. The app also supports timeline visualisation for easy navigation through recorded events and the ability to save snapshots directly to the device.

Key features of the AXIS Camera Station App include:

  • Mobile access to multiple systems for remote monitoring.
  • Live view with selectable streaming profiles, allowing users to choose the quality of the video stream.
  • Timeline visualisation of recorded events helps quickly find specific incidents.
  • The ability to view both live and recorded video.
  • Options to save snapshots directly to the mobile device.
  • Two-way audio from the camera in live view enhances the interaction capabilities with the monitored site.
  • Support for mechanical and digital PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) presets, facilitating quick navigation and control over camera angles and zoom levels.
  • Support for custom views, including camera, split, and folder views, allows for personalised layouts and monitoring setups.

The app is designed to work seamlessly with AXIS Camera Station version 5.19 or later and can be installed on both Android and iOS devices. It uses HTTPS to communicate securely with the AXIS Camera Station server, ensuring that all data transmitted between the mobile app and the server is encrypted.

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