Avigilon Alta

Cloud Based Security Cameras

Avigilon Alta is a complete cloud-based video surveillance system that provides cloud-based video management and storage. It includes advanced AI-powered analytics and access control for a comprehensive security solution. The platform is engineered to improve the efficiency and accuracy of video surveillance for businesses, offering a flexible and scalable approach to physical security.

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Unified Video and Access Control

Avigilon Alta allows you to verify each access event as it happens, thanks to its robust interoperable readers, cameras, and cloud-native software. You can manage the entire system collectively and associate Alta video hardware with entries. View real-time access activity alongside live footage, and use integrated and customizable management dashboards accessible from any device.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Avigilon Alta empowers your security teams and provides valuable operational insights through real-time reporting and custom AI-powered alerts. Gain visual verification on any device, anywhere in the world, and enhance your situational awareness.

Interoperable Hardware for Improved Visibility

With Avigilon Alta, you can import live and recorded video from Avigilon Pro Series Smart Readers directly into Alta Aware. This feature lets you monitor what’s happening at the door and throughout your facility, irrespective of location.

Reliable Mobile Access Control

The Avigilon Alta cloud access control system is scalable and capable of easily securing anything from a single office to a multisite enterprise. With Avigilon Alta, you can experience fast, touchless entry with remote unlock, digital badges, visitor credentials, and automatic entry detection.

Alta Aware AI Video Analytics

Alta Aware extends real-time visibility and proactive security management across your deployment, reducing operational costs and increasing flexibility. Its intelligent algorithms and self-learning technology can detect abnormal behaviour in specific scenarios and send real-time alerts to operators.

Customizable Cloud Security Ecosystem

Thanks to its open API standards, Avigilon Alta supports limitless integration with all the tools needed to run your business. You can easily find and configure cloud-to-cloud integrations from leading technology providers with the Alta App Marketplace.

Protect Your Investment with Avigilon Alta

Avigilon Alta is a future-proof solution that never compromises security. It offers backward and forward compatibility, allowing easy integration with physical on-premise and logical software systems. All devices stay updated with the latest security patches and features, significantly reducing your team’s workload and management costs.

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