Smart Presence

Thermal & Visual Surveillance in One

Avigilon Alta Smart Presence is a cloud-based VMS feature providing real-time tracking of people and vehicles across sites. It maps cameras, access control points, and third-party devices, using AI analytics to detect anomalies and send alerts for enhanced security awareness.

Key Features of Avigilon Alta Smart Presence

  • Mapping and Visualization: Users can upload floor plans and create detailed maps of their sites. These maps include the positions and fields of view for all cameras, access control points, and other devices. This visual representation helps understand the spatial dynamics of a site and improves the management of security resources.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Smart Presence provides real-time data on the location and movement of people and vehicles across a site. AI and machine learning algorithms classify and track objects as they move within the monitored areas.
  • AI-Powered Analytics: The system uses AI to classify and track people, vehicles, and other objects. It provides detailed insights and alerts based on detected activities, including identifying specific behaviors or anomalies that may indicate security threats.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Smart Presence can integrate with third-party cameras and sensors. This allows for a unified view of all security devices, enhancing the overall security infrastructure without needing complete system overhauls.
  • Enhanced Search Capabilities: The feature supports advanced search functions, enabling users to quickly locate specific footage based on appearance, events, or objects. This is particularly useful for incident investigations and operational audits.
  • Operational Efficiency: By providing a comprehensive overview of site activities and enabling quick responses to security events, Smart Presence helps improve operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

Practical Applications

  • Security Monitoring: Security personnel can use Smart Presence™ to track the real-time movement of people and vehicles. This ensures that any suspicious activity is quickly identified and addressed.
  • Incident Response: The system provides real-time alerts and detailed tracking capabilities, allowing for faster and more informed responses to security incidents. This helps prevent escalation and improves overall safety.
  • Operational Insights: Businesses can leverage data from Smart Presence™ to optimize operations. This includes managing traffic flow in retail environments and ensuring efficient use of space in large facilities.

Overall, Avigilon Alta Smart Presence™ offers a comprehensive and intelligent security solution. It leverages AI and cloud-based technologies to enhance visibility, responsiveness, and operational control across various environments.

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