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What is Avigilon Alta Smart Search?

Avigilon Alta Smart Search is a suite of advanced search technologies developed by Avigilon, a company specialising in security solutions, including video surveillance and access control. These technologies leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide users with efficient and intelligent ways to search through video footage and manage security operations.

The Avigilon Appearance Search technology is a critical component of this suite, which allows security operators to quickly locate specific individuals or vehicles across multiple cameras. This technology uses AI to analyse video data and identify characteristics such as gender, clothing colour, and facial features, enabling operators to filter and find video easily. The system can refine searches based on operator feedback, learning from the selections made to improve the accuracy of search results.

Additionally, Avigilon Alta includes a cloud-based video management system called Alta Aware, which offers features like video view customisation, spotlighting of multiple camera feeds, map view with floor plans, and intelligent presence to track objects in real time. It also provides tools for creating rules to generate alerts based on specific criteria. It allows for role-based access control, ensuring administrators and operators have the tools and permissions to manage the video surveillance system effectively.

The Avigilon Alta Control Center is an online portal where administrators can configure the access control system, manage users and hardware, and provide access to entries. It integrates with the Alta Aware and Alta Deployment Management Portal (DMP) for unified app navigation and password management.

In summary, Avigilon Alta Smart Search encompasses a range of intelligent search and management features that enhance the capabilities of video surveillance and access control systems, making them more proactive and responsive to security needs.

How does Avigilon Alta Smart Search work?

Avigilon Alta Smart Search uses advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse video footage and identify specific characteristics of people, vehicles, and objects. This technology enables users to conduct efficient and intelligent searches across vast amounts of recorded video in a fraction of the time it would take manually. Here’s a breakdown of how it operates:

Appearance Search

  1. Physical Descriptions: Operators can initiate searches based on specific physical descriptions such as clothing colour, gender, and age categorisation.
  2. Facial Analytics: The system incorporates facial analytics to recognise the same person over time, even if their clothing changes.
  3. Cross-Site Search: Users can search for a person or vehicle of interest across multiple sites that use the same software version, allowing for a seamless transition from one site to another.
  4. Video Evidence Compilation: The technology helps operators compile robust video evidence and create narratives of events, revealing an individual’s route or last-known location.

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