AXIS P32 Series

Streamlined Varifocal Fixed Domes

The AXIS P32 Network Camera Series is a line of versatile and vandal-resistant dome cameras designed for both indoor and outdoor installations. These cameras are known for meeting the quality and cost demands of the market, making them suitable for a wide range of surveillance needs.

Key Features of the AXIS M20 Series

  • Image Quality and Resolution: The cameras in the AXIS P32 series are built to be vandal-resistant, enhancing their durability and suitability for outdoor use as well as in high-risk indoor environments.
  • Installation and Operation: These cameras are designed for effortless and reliable installation. They include features such as remote zoom and focus, which allow for easy setup and adjustment without the need for hands-on fine tuning.
  • Image Quality: The AXIS P32 cameras utilize a visible light sensor to deliver color images during the day. As the light diminishes, the cameras continue to function effectively, although the clarity of color images may decrease with reduced lighting.
  • Resolution and Sensor: Specific models like the AXIS P3265-LVE offer up to 1920 x 1080 resolution, which is ideal for real-time surveillance. They feature an RGB CMOS sensor, and some models have a maximum focal length of 8.90 mm, aiding in dependable identification at various distances.
  • Market Positioning: The series is positioned to balance both quality and cost, aiming to offer high-value solutions for security and surveillance needs.


Overall, the AXIS P32 Network Camera Series is tailored for users seeking robust, high-quality surveillance solutions that are easy to install and maintain, suitable for a variety of environments, and competitively priced.

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