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AXIS Auto Tracking

Automatic Tracking of Moving Objects

AXIS Digital Auto Tracking 2 application is intended for AXIS fixed megapixel cameras. The application automatically detects, zooms in on & follows moving objects. This facilitates live monitoring by helping the operator to effectively discover & handle incidents. It also reduces bandwidth & storage needs by zooming in on moving objects & discarding information in parts of the scene with no activity.

Unlike mechanical autotracking in PTZ cameras, AXIS Digital Autotracking will not lock on a single object. It will instead adapt the view to include all moving objects to reassure that no incidents will be missed-out.

Key Features

  • Automatic object detection & tracking
  • Reduced bandwidth & storage needs
  • Efficient live monitoring – application will work in most indoor & outdoor installations in variable lighting conditions.
  • Easy setup – the detection area is defined by the camera’s field of view, with the possibility to ignore motion in parts of the scene
  • AXIS False Alarm Filtering – possible to ignore disturbing object motion such as headlights, swaying trees & smaller animals

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