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AXIS Perimeter Defender

Scalable Perimeter Security

AXIS Perimeter Defender is a flexible, scalable video analytics application for perimeter surveillance and protection. It’s designed for demanding large-scale installations.

Your First Layer of Defense

AXIS Perimeter Defender gives you an edge where security starts – at the perimeter of your facilities. It’s ideal for reinforcing physical access control for high-security facilities such as chemical plants, power plants and prisons and for critical infrastructure. Together with AXIS network cameras, horn speakers, and video management software, AXIS Perimeter Defender is a comprehensive video-based solution for effective perimeter protection.

Detect, Verify, Act

AXIS Perimeter Defender provides accurate detection capabilities with support for multiple detection scenarios. This includes several types of intrusion detection and loitering. AXIS Perimeter Defender enable detection of multiple events occurring simultaneously in different places. It analyses detected events, dismisses non-threatening ones and notifies security staff of potentially critical situations. Your staff can then choose to view detailed video footage to determine the precise nature of the threat – and act accordingly. The result is accurate detection and minimal false alarms.

Security that grows with you

AXIS Perimeter Defender can be run on as many cameras as required. As AXIS Perimeter Defender analyses data on the camera, it doesn´t require a server for processing. Whether installed on one or on 50 cameras, there’s no need for system redesign or expensive hardware replacements each time a new camera is added to the network. And once everything is in place, the entire system can be controlled from a single interface and location.

AXIS Perimeter Defender can also be fully integrated with Genetec Security Center. Alarms triggered by AXIS Perimeter Defender are automatically converted to Security Center Custom Events, which can trigger a wide set of actions to leverage the full power of the Security Center system.

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