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AXIS Forensic Search for Genetec

Quickly Search for Objects, People & Incidents

Accelerate forensic investigations by streamlining search for objects, people, or incidents without any analytics servers. AXIS camera metadata allows you to efficiently pinpoint a single video clip of interest in Genetec Security Center, reducing analysis time from hours to minutes.

AXIS devices accelerate forensic search

Designed to accelerate forensic investigations, AXIS Forensic Search for Genetec offers an efficient way to search for, recover, and share video evidence. Within Genetec Security Center, you can perform search investigations about object classification and motion object tracking, duration in scene, relative speed, date, time, and place – all without the need for analytics servers. That’s because the metadata is generated and analyzed inside AXIS cameras; saving time and reducing costs when compared to traditional approaches, where the camera sends data to servers for analysis.

Search for objects, people, or incidents

AXIS Forensic Search for Genetec is ideal for investigations that begin with only a minimal number of known details, for example, the location of an incident. Both motion object tracking and object classification metadata streams are used. Motion object tracking identifies the movement of objects or people in a scene. Object classification metadata is based on AXIS Object Analytics and enables search for object classes such as a specific type of vehicle (car, truck, bike, etc.).

Visualise your data

This forensic search integration not only makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, it also helps you efficiently analyze search result data. Metadata from all cameras is compiled and visualized in graphs and charts so you quickly understand the search data that is presented.

Manage cases efficiently

Search results and video footage can be easily extracted, managed, and shared as evidence. Cases can be automatically created and populated with relevant recordings as well as digital evidence from other sources. Furthermore, you can collaborate with internal investigators or securely share information with prosecutors and be sure it’s only accessible to authorized recipients.

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