AXIS P38 Series

Panoramic Multisensor Cameras

The AXIS P38 network camera series features advanced multisensor cameras designed for extensive surveillance coverage, particularly in large areas where panoramic views are essential.

Key Features of AXIS P38 Series Cameras

  1. High-Resolution Multisensor Capability: The AXIS P38 series includes the AXIS P3827-PVE and AXIS P3818-PVE, equipped with multiple sensors to provide comprehensive coverage. The P3827-PVE model features a 7MP resolution, while the P3818-PVE offers a higher resolution of 13MP.
  2. Panoramic Coverage: Both models deliver a 180° horizontal and 90° vertical panoramic view, ensuring wide-area coverage with no blind spots. This capability is enhanced by the seamless stitching of images from multiple sensors, creating a single cohesive video stream.
  3. Advanced Imaging Technologies: These cameras incorporate technologies such as Forensic WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) and Lightfinder, which improve image clarity under varying lighting conditions. The high frame rate of up to 30 fps allows for smooth video playback of high-resolution images.
  4. Built-in Cybersecurity Features: Security features include AXIS Edge Vault to protect the device ID and simplify network authorisation, and a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that is FIPS 140-2 level 2 certified, ensuring enhanced security against cyber threats.
  5. Environmental and Operational Durability: The cameras are built to operate in diverse environmental conditions, with ratings such as IK10 for vandal resistance and IP66/IP67 for dust and water resistance. They are designed to function in temperatures ranging from -40 to 50 °C, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

The AXIS P38 series is distinguished by its high-resolution multisensor design, comprehensive panoramic coverage, advanced imaging technologies, flexible installation options, robust cybersecurity measures, and environmental durability. These features make it particularly suitable for surveillance in large, open spaces where detailed, wide-area monitoring is crucial.

AI Video Analytics & Edge Based Applications

The AXIS P37 series supports advanced video analytics and edge-based applications, leveraging the capabilities of the ARTPEC-8 chip for deep learning processing directly on the device. This enables the cameras to run sophisticated analytics without additional external servers, making the system more efficient and scalable. Specifically, the series can support:

  • AXIS Object Analytics (AOA): is an intelligent video analytics application that comes preinstalled on compatible AXIS network cameras. It detects and classifies humans and vehicles, using AI-based algorithms and behavioural conditions to analyse a scene and its spatial behaviour. This scalable, edge-based analytics requires minimal setup and supports various scenarios running simultaneously.
  • Deep Learning Processing Unit (DLPU): The ARTPEC-8 chip includes a powerful Deep Learning Processing Unit (DLPU), which powers video analytics applications based on deep learning directly on the edge. This eliminates the need for expensive servers and allows faster and more scalable systems.
  • AXIS Object Analytics on Multiple Channels: The P37 series, particularly models like the AXIS P3737-PLE, can run metadata and AXIS Object Analytics streams on multiple channels. This enables the detection and classification of people and vehicles entering a user-defined area. It also allows for counting selected objects in an area of interest and triggering an alarm if a threshold is exceeded.
  • AXIS Fence Guard, AXIS Motion Guard, AXIS Loitering Guard: The series supports these analytics applications, providing reliable detection with fewer false positives. They enhance the system’s value with tailor-made applications based on deep learning on the edge.

Including these analytics and edge-based applications in the AXIS P37 series cameras underscores their capability to provide detailed coverage and situational awareness in wide-area surveillance, leveraging the latest advancements in AI and deep learning for enhanced security and operational efficiency.

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