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6MP Network Video Door Station

The AXIS A8207-VE Mk II is a multifunctional network video door station that combines video surveillance, two-way communication, and access control capabilities, making it a comprehensive security solution for monitoring and controlling entry points.

Key Features and Capabilities

  1. Video Surveillance: The device includes a full-featured 6MP IP camera that supports advanced video analytics through AXIS Zipstream and ACAP (Axis Camera Application Platform). This allows for intelligent analytics such as motion detection and identification of specific events or behaviours.
  2. Two-Way Communication: It offers clear two-way audio communication with features like acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction. This enables effective communication between personnel and visitors. The device also includes an induction loop for hearing aids, enhancing accessibility.
  3. Access Control Integration: The AXIS A8207-VE Mk II is equipped with an integrated RFID reader and keypad that supports HID iClass. This allows for secure entry for employees and authorised individuals and facilitates remote entrance control via various devices, such as computers, desk phones, or mobile devices.

  4. Enhanced Cybersecurity: The device ensures high levels of security with features like signed firmware and Secure Boot, which protect against unauthorised access and firmware tampering.
  5. Open Platform Flexibility: Built on an open platform, the AXIS A8207-VE Mk II allows integration with a wide range of hardware and software solutions. This includes support for various communication protocols and the ability to connect with external sensors, activate lights, and manage other security functions.
  6. Physical and Operational Durability: The device is designed to be durable and resistant to environmental factors, evidenced by its IP66 and NEMA 4X ratings for water and dust resistance and IK08 rating for impact resistance. It also features a built-in speaker and supports multiple hardware interfaces like HDMI, which can connect to a public monitor for live streaming.
  7. Ease of Installation and Use: The AXIS A8207-VE Mk II supports easy installation and maintenance, making it suitable for entrances where both known and unknown visitors frequently pass through. It also supports various mounting and connectivity options to suit different installation needs.

In summary, the AXIS A8207-VE Mk II Network Door Station is a versatile and robust security device with comprehensive video surveillance, communication, and access control functionalities, all integrated into one unit. This makes it an ideal solution for enhancing security at entry points in various settings.

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