AXIS Object Analytics

AI-based Object Detection and Classification

Axis Object Analytics (AOA) is an advanced video analytics application preinstalled on compatible cameras. It’s designed to detect, classify, track, and count moving objects within a camera’s field of view, explicitly focusing on humans and vehicles. AOA utilises artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to analyse the scene and the spatial behaviour of the objects within it, tailored to specific needs.

The key features and capabilities of Axis Object Analytics include:

  • Detection and Classification: AOA can distinguish between objects, such as humans and vehicles, and various vehicles, such as cars, trucks, buses, and bikes. This allows users to focus on objects of interest and events that require attention, enhancing monitoring effectiveness.
  • Edge-based Analytics: The analytics run directly on the camera (on the edge), which means that the camera does video processing and analysis without additional servers. This approach reduces the need for costly hardware and bandwidth since only relevant metadata or events need to be transmitted.
  • Flexible Configuration: Users can set up multiple scenarios simultaneously with easy configuration options. Scenarios can be tailored to trigger alarms based on specific conditions, such as line crossing or entering a predefined area.
  • Integration with Video Management Systems (VMS): AOA is compatible with major VMS platforms, including AXIS Camera Station, and supports integration with third-party systems. This allows for seamless operation within the existing security infrastructure.
  • Real-time Alerts and Responses: The system can send notifications of real-time events, allowing for immediate response. It can also be configured to trigger automatic responses such as recording video, playing an audio message, or alerting security personnel.
  • Cost-effective: Since AOA comes preinstalled on compatible Axis cameras at no extra cost, it provides added value and functionality without additional investment.
  • Open Standards: AOA is based on open standards, which ensures compatibility and flexibility for integration with various systems and applications.

Axis Object Analytics is a sophisticated, AI-based video analytics solution that enhances security and operational efficiency by providing intelligent detection and classification of objects. It is also edge-based and easily integrated into existing security systems.

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