AXIS P37 Series

Megapixel Multidirectional 360° Cameras

The Axis P37 network camera series encompasses a range of advanced, multidirectional cameras designed for extensive surveillance coverage with deep learning analytics. Each model within the series is tailored for different resolution and coverage needs, yet they all share core features that make them suitable for a wide array of surveillance applications.

Standard Features

  • Multidirectional Coverage: All AXIS P37 Series models offer multidirectional camera capabilities, allowing for comprehensive surveillance coverage.
  • IR Illumination: Equipped with 360° IR illumination for clear visibility in low light or complete darkness, with individually controlled LEDs.
  • Mounting Options: Flexible mounting options are available, including recessed mounting for discreet surveillance and ceiling mounting for 360° coverage.

  • Deep Learning Analytics: Support for advanced analytics based on deep learning, enhancing object detection and classification.
  • AXIS Edge Vault: A hardware-based cybersecurity platform that ensures device integrity and protects against unauthorised access.

AI Video Analytics & Applications

In camera video analytics and applications include:

  • AXIS Object Analytics: This application is preinstalled and features video analytics that detect and classify humans and vehicles based on AI algorithms. It supports various scenarios and behavioural conditions, analyzing spatial behaviour within the scene. It is scalable and edge-based, requiring minimal setup effort.
  • AXIS Video Motion Detection: Can trigger recording or other actions based on detected motion.
  • AXIS Motion Guard, AXIS Fence Guard, AXIS Loitering Guard: These applications are included in the AXIS P3727-PLE model and are designed to detect motion, guard a perimeter, and identify loitering in specified areas.
  • Scene Metadata: This feature provides metadata related to the scene being monitored, including classifications of humans, faces, vehicles, and license plates, along with attributes like vehicle colour and clothing colour.
  • AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP): This open platform allows the installation of third-party applications to extend the cameras’ functionality. It includes a Native SDK and a Computer Vision SDK for software integration.

These applications enhance the capabilities of the Axis P37 series cameras, enabling them to perform complex surveillance tasks, object detection, and data analysis directly from the camera, reducing the need for additional external processing power.

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