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AXIS A8105-E

HDTV 1080p SIP Video Intercom

The AXIS A8105-E is a network video door station that combines a high-definition camera with an integrated RFID reader for access control. It offers a maximum video resolution of 6.3MP and a wide horizontal field of view of 180 degrees.

Compact Design

With a diameter of just 48mm, the AXIS A8105-E is designed to fit seamlessly on walls, doorframes, and mullions. It includes a flush mounting accessory for recessed wall installation and utilises AXIS’ Digital Corridor Format to optimise the viewing area according to the specific location. The device supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), simplifying installation by reducing the need for additional power cables.

Enhanced Security and Communication

The AXIS A8105-E ensures secure, clear communication and high-quality video surveillance. It enables users to see, converse with, and identify visitors before granting access, which can be managed directly or remotely via a mobile device, IP phone, or Video Management System (VMS). This integration enhances the security and functionality of access control systems.

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