AXIS P14 Series

AI Bullet Camera with Built-In Cybersecurity

The AXIS P14 Series is a range of fixed bullet cameras designed to meet various surveillance needs. These outdoor-ready cameras are perfect for continuous monitoring in parking lots, service stations, and other outdoor settings, as well as indoor surveillance that requires a compact camera form. The series offers versatile options for different environments and lighting conditions, with a range of resolutions from HDTV 1080p to 4K Ultra HD, making it a reliable and feature-rich option.

Key Features and Technologies

  1. Image Quality & Resolution: The cameras in the P14 series deliver excellent image quality with options ranging from 2 MP in models like the AXIS P1455-LE to 4K resolution in models like the AXIS P1468-LE.
  2. Advanced Imaging Technologies:

    • Lightfinder 2.0: This technology enhances cameras’ ability to capture detailed and colourful images in very low-light conditions.
    • Forensic WDR (Wide Dynamic Range): This technique helps capture details clearly in scenes with both very bright and very dark areas, ensuring that no part of the image is too dark or washed out due to bright light sources.
    • OptimizedIR: A technology that provides effective surveillance in complete darkness by using IR illumination, ensuring that the IR light is evenly distributed in the camera’s field of view.

  3. Deep Learning Processing Unit (DLPU): Some models in the series, like the AXIS P1467-LE and AXIS P1468-LE, include a DLPU which enables advanced analytics and improved processing capabilities.
  4. Cybersecurity Features:

    • AXIS Edge Vault: Protects the AXIS device ID and simplifies the authorization of AXIS products on a network.
    • Signed Firmware & Secure Boot: Ensures that the firmware running on the device is authenticated and has not been tampered with.

  5. Durability: The cameras are designed to be impact and weather-resistant, with ratings such as IP66/IP67 for water and dust resistance and IK10 for impact resistance.
  6. Connectivity & Integration:

    • Edge-to-Edge Technology: Allows seamless connectivity with Axis network speakers, enabling two-way audio communication.
    • VAPIX® & AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP): These open APIs facilitate software integration and the installation of third-party applications.

  7. Versatility in Installation: The series includes options for various mounting accessories and supports both PoE (Power over Ethernet) and traditional wired power sources.

The AXIS P14 Series is designed to meet the needs of various surveillance scenarios. It offers flexibility, high-quality imaging, and robust security features, making it suitable for commercial and industrial applications.

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