AXIS M20 Series

Compact & Lightweight Bullet Cameras

The AXIS M20 Series is a range of fixed bullet cameras made by Axis Communications. These cameras are known for their compact size and high-quality imaging capabilities and are designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Key Features of the AXIS M20 Series

  • Image Quality and Resolution: The cameras in the M20 Series, such as the AXIS M2036-LE and AXIS M2035-LE, offer high-resolution video capture. The M2036-LE delivers Quad HD 1440p/4 MP video, while the M2035-LE provides HDTV 1080p resolution.
  • Built-in IR Illumination: These cameras come equipped with IR LEDs to ensure effective surveillance even in total darkness.
  • Deep Learning Capabilities: Some models in the M20 Series, like the AXIS M2036-LE, include a deep learning processing unit (DLPU). This allows for advanced analytics, such as the detection and classification of humans and vehicles directly on the device.
  • Environmental Durability: The M20 Series cameras are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. They are rated for use in temperatures ranging from -30°C to 50°C and come with protective ratings against dust, water, and impact, making them suitable for outdoor installation.
  • Ease of Installation: These cameras support Power over Ethernet (PoE), simplifying installation by allowing power and data to be carried over a single cable. They are designed for easy setup and can be mounted in various locations, including walls, ceilings, and poles.
  • Design and Aesthetics: The M20 Series cameras feature a small, slim, and good-looking design, making them unobtrusive and suitable for various settings.


The AXIS M20 Series is versatile enough for many applications, from enhancing security at small businesses and homes to being part of more comprehensive security systems on larger premises. The series’ ability to operate in diverse lighting and weather conditions, coupled with its deep learning analytics, makes it a robust choice for those needing reliable surveillance.

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