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License Plate Verifier

Ideal for freeflow, slow-speed traffic, and vehicles access control scenarios, AXIS License Plate Verifier makes it easy to detect and read license plates. Monitor vehicles, create a vehicle access solution, identify stolen vehicles and more. AXIS License Plate Verifier let´s you easily tailor a solution that fit your exact needs today and tomorrow.

Easy License Plate Recognition

With AXIS License Plate Verifier, it’s easy to buy, install, and manage an automated solution for reading license plates. Just install the analytics on a compatible Axis camera (or buy one of our customized kits with pre-installed software), set up the camera, connect the camera’s I/O port to a vehicle barrier’s relay, enter a list of license plates, and define the action rules. You can then start capturing license plates and verifying them against the allow- and block list stored in the camera to determine if a vehicle can enter a controlled area.

This intelligent analytics eliminates people-hours to man gates and instantly frees up resources for other tasks. The solution can also be used to search for vehicles of interest in slow-speed traffic. Furthermore, our customized kits AXIS P1455-LE-3 and AXIS P3245-LVE-3 allow for easy setup.

Operational Efficiency

Featuring an intuitive user interface, this smart analytic offers efficient search capabilities and supports event log entries that include thumbnail images of license plates for easy administration and follow-up. Plus, because the processing is done at the edge, the analyzed metadata only requires a small fraction of the bandwidth, saving valuable storage.


When installed on a compatible Axis camera, AXIS License Plate Verifier offers an all-in-one solution to capture quality images of license plates. And, with all components provided by Axis, from cameras to storage and video management, you can be sure they’re compatible for optimal use and performance.

With our open platforms (VAPIX and AXIS Camera Application Platform, ACAP), you can tailor your system further with a broad range of applications developed by our partners. And, you can easily integrate with other systems. For example, it’s possible to integrate with your network video system to activate lights, open/close doors, and trigger audio messages.

Flexible and Scalable

AXIS License Plate Verifier supports different levels of security from basic entry/exit to advanced access control. It can read license plates at a traveling speed of up to 70km/h (45mph) which makes it ideal for license plate reading in slow traffic. It offers tight integration with other Axis products and has built-in support for AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller. This means you can easily integrate with credential management systems and install a card reader as backup in case you need a more advanced access control solution. Furthermore, all the processing and storage takes place in the camera, so there’s no need for expensive servers, and bandwidth requirements are reduced.

A typical set-up for vehicle access

  1. The application reads the vehicle license plate captured by the camera
  2. License plate is on allow list
  3. The barrier is actioned;
    1. The cameras I/O port connects to the barrier’s relay
    2. AXIS A91 Network I/O Relay Module connects to the barrier’s relay
    3. Axis network door controller connects to the barrier’s relay for extended functionality
  4. Barrier opens

AXIS License Plate Verifier Vehicle Access

The affordably priced AXIS License Plate Verifier enables a reliable system that can replace manned guard booths. And the fact that it’s embedded in the camera eliminates the need for costly servers.

You decide

AXIS License Plate Verifier offers a flexible solution that can meet your current needs, as well as support more complex requirements if your needs change.

At its most basic, AXIS License Plate Verifier supports allow and block lists of up to 10000 license plates each for determining whether a vehicle is allowed to enter a controlled area or not.

Adding an AXIS A1001 controller gives you the ability to expand the system, control vehicle access based on additional criteria such as date, time and place, and get more event log details. AXIS A1001 comes with AXIS Entry Manager software, which supports up to 400 credentials (license plates and access cards). If you have more complex requirements and need support for more credentials and functionalities, there are multiple AXIS A1001 partner software to choose from.

For a separate backup system and for handling unknown license plates such as those from visitors, you can install an Axis network door station—with intercom, camera and barrier control in one—to reach someone who can provide remote vehicle access.

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