AXIS M30 Series

Dome Cameras

The AXIS M30 Series offers a range of features that make it suitable for various surveillance needs, particularly in environments like retail stores, hotels, schools, banks, and offices.

Key Features of the AXIS M30 Series:

  • High-Definition Video Performance: The cameras provide up to 8MP video resolution, ensuring clear and detailed images for better identification of people and objects.
  • Panoramic Views: The series offers 360° or 180° panoramic views, ideal for complete situational awareness with just one camera. This feature is handy in environments requiring comprehensive coverage without blind spots.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Compatibility: Models are available in both indoor and outdoor-ready versions, making them versatile for different settings.
  • Compact and Discreet Design: The cameras are compact and unobtrusive, allowing for discreet installation in various environments. Options like repainting the camera to blend seamlessly with any surroundings enhance this feature.
  • Advanced Light Handling Technologies: Equipped with technologies like Lightfinder and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), the cameras can capture clear, colour images in low-light conditions and maintain clarity in scenes with both dark and light areas.
  • Intelligent Analytics: Some models, such as the AXIS M3085-V, include support for analytics based on deep learning on the edge. This lets the cameras deliver valuable metadata, facilitating fast, easy, and efficient forensic search capabilities in live or recorded video.
  • Cybersecurity Features: Built-in cybersecurity features such as Axis Edge Vault protect the device ID and simplify the authorization of Axis devices on a network.
  • Storage and Compression: The series supports Axis Zipstream technology with H.264/H.265 video compression, which reduces bandwidth and storage requirements. Additionally, edge storage allows video recording directly to an onboard memory card.
  • Vandal Resistance and Environmental Durability: Some models are IK10-rated for impact resistance and IP66-rated for protection against dust and powerful water blasts, making them durable under harsh conditions.

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