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AXIS P47 Series

Multidirectional Cameras

The AXIS P47 Panoramic Camera Series features high-performance, dual-sensor, multidirectional cameras designed to offer complete oversight. Built on the ARTPEC-8 platform, the cameras include deep learning processing units (DLPU) for enhanced processing and storage capabilities. Thanks to features like Lightfinder and Forensic Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), they’re particularly noted for delivering excellent image quality even in challenging light conditions. The series includes models with different resolutions and capabilities, catering to various surveillance needs.

Key Features of AXIS P47 Series

  • Dual-Sensor Multidirectional Cameras: Each camera in the series features two sensors, allowing for multidirectional surveillance with a single device. This design is cost-effective and simplifies installation.
  • Deep Learning Processing Unit (DLPU): Built on the ARTPEC-8 chip, these cameras include a DLPU for improved processing and storage, enabling advanced analytics and data collection at the edge.
  • 360° IR Illumination: The cameras come equipped with 360-degree IR illumination, which ensures clear images in low light or complete darkness. The IR LEDs are individually controllable.
  • Resolution and Frame Rate: The series includes models like the AXIS P4705-PLVE, offering 2×2 MP at up to 60 fps, and the AXIS P4707-PLVE, offering 2×5 MP at 30 fps, catering to different resolution and frame rate requirements.
  • Lightfinder and Forensic WDR: These technologies ensure sharp, clear images under challenging or poor light conditions, maintaining true colours and great details.
  • Flexible Installation and Positioning: The cameras feature flexible positioning of both varifocal camera heads, with remote zoom and focus capabilities, ensuring fast and cost-effective installation.
  • Support for Analytics with Deep Learning: Both sensors support analytics with deep learning, allowing for the collection and analysis of more data directly on the device.
  • Cybersecurity Features: The series is equipped with robust cybersecurity measures, including signed firmware, secure boot, and encrypted file systems, which ensure the system’s security.

Models in the AXIS P47 Series

  1. AXIS P4705-PLVE: This model offers 2×2 MP resolution at up to 60 fps. It is designed for outdoor use and features 360-degree IR illumination, a Lightfinder, Forensic WDR, and support for deep learning analytics on both sensors.
  2. AXIS P4707-PLVE: This camera provides a higher resolution of 2×5 MP at 30 fps. It shares many of the same features as the P4705-PLVE, including 360-degree IR illumination, Lightfinder, Forensic WDR, and deep learning analytics support. It is also designed for outdoor use and offers flexible positioning of its varifocal camera heads.

The AXIS P47 Series is suitable for various surveillance applications, offering flexibility, high image quality, and advanced analytics capabilities.

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