AXIS M42 Series

Varifocal Dome Camera

The AXIS M42 series is a range of indoor dome cameras designed to offer excellent image quality and versatility for various indoor surveillance applications. These cameras are notable for their varifocal lenses, deep learning processing units (DLPU) for intelligent analytics, and features to enhance image quality and security. The series includes several models tailored to specific needs based on resolution, field of view, and additional functionalities like infrared illumination and advanced analytics capabilities.

Shared Features Across the M42 Series

  • Varifocal Lens: All models come with a varifocal lens, which allows for remote zoom and focus and enables users to adjust the field of view to meet specific surveillance requirements.
  • Deep Learning Processing Unit (DLPU): This feature supports intelligent analytics based on deep learning, enabling the cameras to perform edge-based analysis for more efficient and accurate object detection and classification.
  • HDMI Output: Each camera is equipped with an HDMI port, facilitating the connection to public viewing monitors for live surveillance feeds.
  • AXIS Edge Vault: A hardware-based cybersecurity platform secures the device by safeguarding its identity and integrity from the factory, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access.
  • OptimizedIR: A technology that provides efficient, long-life IR illumination for clear images in complete darkness, ensuring reliable surveillance around the clock.
  • Zipstream Technology: Axis’s proprietary technology significantly reduces bandwidth and storage requirements while preserving critical forensic details in the video stream.

Common Applications and Analytics

All models in the M42 series are equipped with AXIS Object Analytics, allowing for the detection and classification of humans and vehicles. They also feature cybersecurity measures such as signed firmware and secure boot, ensuring the device’s integrity throughout its lifecycle. In summary, the Axis M42 series offers versatile, high-quality surveillance solutions with advanced features for indoor monitoring, including varifocal lenses, deep learning analytics, and robust cybersecurity protections. Each model is designed to meet specific surveillance needs, from basic monitoring to advanced analytics and high-resolution imaging.

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