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Reliable Area Protection with 180° Coverage 24/7

The AXIS D2110-VE is a network-based security radar device that utilises advanced radar technology to provide extensive area protection with a 180° coverage angle. It’s designed to detect, classify, and track people and vehicles accurately and with a low false alarm rate. The radar can detect people from 3 to 60 metres and cars from 3 to 85 metres.

This device is equipped with built-in analytics enhanced by machine learning and deep learning techniques, allowing it to effectively differentiate between different types of objects and movements within its detection range. It also features Power over Ethernet (PoE) output, which facilitates connecting and powering additional devices, such as cameras for visual verification or network horn speakers for deterrence.

Furthermore, the AXIS D2110-VE supports smart coexistence functionality, which enables the use of multiple radars nearby without interference. This is particularly useful for creating a seamless 360° coverage area by mounting two radars back-to-back. The device is suitable for continuous operation, providing reliable area protection under various environmental conditions.

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