AXIS Network Speaker Systems in a Single Unit for Voice Messages

The AXIS IP Network Speaker line is a range of audio-over-IP devices designed for audio applications in security, public address, and remote communications. These speakers leverage the power of IP networks to deliver high-quality audio, scalability, and advanced features for effective audio distribution and management.

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Key features & capabilities of the AXIS IP Network Speaker product line include:

  • Network Connectivity: AXIS IP Network Speakers connect to an IP network, allowing for seamless integration with existing network infrastructure. They support standard protocols such as TCP/IP, SIP, and VoIP, enabling easy integration with other network devices and systems.
  • High-Quality Audio: The speakers deliver clear and intelligible audio-over-IP, ensuring that messages, announcements, and alerts are easily understood. They’re equipped with built-in amplifiers and advanced audio processing technologies to optimize sound quality and provide consistent performance.
  • Scalability & Flexibility: The product line offers options for both centralized and decentralized audio systems. Multiple speakers can be deployed across different locations and managed from a central management software, allowing for flexible audio distribution and control.
  • Easy Installation & Configuration: AXIS IP Network Speakers are designed for straightforward installation and configuration. They can be powered through Power over Ethernet (PoE), eliminating the need for additional power cables and simplifying deployment.
  • Remote Management & Control: The speakers can be centrally managed and controlled through dedicated management software. This enables remote configuration, monitoring, and firmware updates, ensuring efficient maintenance and operation of the speaker network.
  • Integration with Video Surveillance: AXIS IP Network Speakers can be seamlessly integrated with AXIS video surveillance systems, allowing for audio announcements or warnings to be triggered by specific events or camera analytics. This integration enhances situational awareness and enables a comprehensive audio-visual security solution.
  • Wide Application Range: The product line caters to various applications, including public address systems, emergency notifications, background music distribution, scheduled announcements, and live voice broadcasting. They are suitable for a range of environments such as schools, retail stores, transportation hubs, stadiums, and office buildings.
  • Compatibility with Third-Party Systems: AXIS IP Network Speakers are designed to work with third-party systems, making them highly interoperable. This compatibility allows integration with existing security systems, audio management software, and communication platforms, providing a flexible solution for diverse requirements.
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