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AXIS C1004-E

AXIS C1004-E Network Cabinet Speaker makes audio announcements smart and easy. Use it to proactively warn off intruders or provide instructions with voice messages. AXIS C1004-E can be mounted horizontally or vertically and it’s possible to install it on the exterior of buildings, for instance under the eaves, where it’s not directly exposed to the elements. It’s ideal for installation in schools, offices, stores, and hospitals.

Audio made easy

AXIS C1004-E is a complete high-quality audio system in a single unit with a built-in power amplifier and digital signal processor (DSP). There’s no need for additional audio equipment. And it’s preconfigured, so it delivers clear, understandable voice messages right out of the box. Onboard memory supports pre-recorded messages. Or, security personal can respond to notifications or provide instructions with live speak. Our AXIS Audio Manager Edge application is pre-installed on AXIS C1004-E. It lets you efficiently manage and control your audio system and supports zone management, scheduling of content as well as speaker health monitoring.

Audio that’s flexible and scalable

AXIS C1004-E is a true IT device that connects to your standard network and uses one standard network cable for both power (Power over Ethernet) and connectivity. It’s based on open standards, for easy integration with your video management software (VMS), with Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony (using SIP), and with analytics from Axis and our partners. And because it’s an all-in-one unit with a preconfigured digital signal processer (DSP), you can add more speakers without expert technical assistance or additional equipment.

Audio that’s clear every time

AXIS C1004-E delivers clear speech you can hear and understand. Network audio technology and the built-in preconfigured digital signal processer in every speaker ensure it. Whether you choose to use remote audio with pre-recorded event-triggered messages, let your personnel respond with live speak, or simply to deliver instructions, you always enjoy excellent sound quality. And, of course, you can also use AXIS C1004-E to play background music that sounds just as good.

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