AXIS P39 Series

High-Performance Dome Cameras for Surveillance in Vehicles

The AXIS P39 Network Camera Series is a collection of high-performance network cameras specifically designed for mobile video surveillance on board vehicles and rolling stock, such as buses, trains, subway cars, and emergency vehicles. The cameras are built to withstand harsh conditions, including dust, water, vibrations, shocks, bumps, and temperature fluctuations, making them ideal for dynamic and challenging mobile environments.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Video Quality: The cameras in the P39 series offer a maximum video resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, ensuring high-definition video capture.
  • Wide Dynamic Range: They feature Forensic WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology, which helps capture details clearly in scenes with very bright and very dark areas.
  • Zipstream Technology: This technology is included to reduce bandwidth and storage requirements while preserving important details in the video.
  • Rugged Design: The cameras are ruggedized to endure the physical demands of mobile environments.
  • Built-in Features: Depending on the model, some cameras in the series also include built-in IR (Infrared) for night vision and microphones for audio capture.

Models in the AXIS P39 Series

  1. AXIS P3905-R Mk III: Known for its compact and rugged design, suitable for both inside and outside vehicle mounting.
  2. AXIS P3925-LRE: Designed for side view monitoring on buses and trains, and can also be used to identify maintenance needs on rolling stock.
  3. AXIS P3925-R: This camera offers features like a Lightfinder and Forensic WDR for enhanced detail capture in low-light and challenging-light conditions.
  4. AXIS P3935-LR: Includes built-in invisible IR LEDs for surveillance in complete darkness and a built-in microphone for audio surveillance.
  5. These cameras comply with transportation industry standards, such as EN50155, EN45545, and NFPA 130, ensuring their reliability and safety in public transportation settings. The AXIS P39 series is versatile, supporting various mounting and connectivity options, including models with RJ45 or M12 connectors, catering to different installation needs.

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