Explore our extensive selection of AXIS Network Video Recorders, designed to meet your surveillance requirements regardless of the scale. From compact operations to expansive systems, our recorders deliver a seamless experience. Each AXIS recorder arrives as an all-in-one hardware and software solution, complete with pre-configured camera software licenses, ensuring straightforward installation. Embrace the power of a system equipped with essential features and capabilities that cater precisely to your facility’s needs, all readily accessible in our AXIS Communications range.

  • Scalability & Flexibility: AXIS recorders are built to grow with your needs. Whether you start with a small number of cameras and scale up to a full enterprise system, the hardware is designed to handle increased data throughput and storage demands without the need for immediate replacement.
    • Network Video Recorders (NVRs) that support a broad range of channels for different sizes of installations.
    • Video Management Software (VMS) solutions that enable seamless addition of cameras and integration with other security systems.

  • Integration and Compatibility: A vital aspect of AXIS recorders is their compatibility with a wide array of cameras and sensors, both from AXIS and third-party vendors, thanks to their open platform approach.
    • Support for ONVIF standards, ensuring interoperability with other ONVIF-compliant devices.
    • The inclusion of AXIS Camera Station for easy-to-use video management, compatible with all AXIS products and optimized for small to mid-sized systems.
    • Reliability and Security: Reliability is paramount in surveillance, and AXIS recorders are designed with robustness in mind, boasting features like redundant power supply options and RAID storage capabilities to protect data integrity.
    • Advanced security features to safeguard your system against unauthorized access and cyber threats, including secure boot and signed firmware.
    • Edge storage capabilities, allowing for continued recording even if the network connection is lost, ensuring no gap in surveillance coverage.
    • For a decision-maker, these features translate to a system that not only meets the current security demands but is also a future-proof investment capable of adapting to evolving surveillance technology and security challenges.