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Avigilon Unity 8.1 Release

Release Summary

This release brings increased stability for sites with HDSM2 (tiled) cameras, an improved face match workflow, the ability to upgrade to a specific Unity Video 8 version in Unity Video Software Manager, and more. It also includes several important bug fixes and security improvements.

New Features

  • Unity Software Manager Version Selection – A Unity Video version can now be specified when performing an installation/upgrade using the Unity Video Software Manager. Avigilon continues to recommend that all customers use the latest version of Unity Video to ensure they have the most recent bug fixes and improvements.
  • Face Match Long Description – A subject’s long description is now displayed in live view, event view, and focus of attention when a face watch list event is triggered.
  • Lift Privacy Mask Permission – Users can now be granted permission to lift privacy masks.
  • Right-to-left Support – Right-to-left languages are now supported (Arabic, Hebrew).

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved in this release of Unity Video 8.

  • Clip Link Sharing is now supported on cameras connected to an ENVR2 Plus.
  • Resolved an issue where health data from NVR5 Premium Plus recorders was not displayed correctly in System Health.
  • Resolved an issue where Unity Video Analytics state would show as “Unknown” in the ENVR2 Plus WebUI when LPR Performance Mode was enabled.
  • Improved stability for sites with large numbers of HDSM2 (tiled) cameras.

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