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AXIS Accelerates Object, People and Incident Search in Genetec Security Center

Quickly Search for Objects, People & Incidents using AXIS Camera Metadata
AXIS accelerates forensic search in Genetec Security Center

AXIS Forensic Search for Genetec accelerates forensic investigations by enabling efficient search, recovery, and sharing of video evidence. It uses motion object tracking and object classification metadata to enable accurate identification, without the need for any servers. This means you can search for specific motion or objects in an area of the scene. Seamlessly integrated with Genetec, search results can be easily extracted, managed, and shared as video evidence. It’s also integrated with Genetec’s data visualization which helps improve response and analysis times.

Key Benefits

  • Forensic search without analytic servers
  • Metadata search for objects, people, and incidents
  • Easily filter search results
  • Quickly & securely share video evidence

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Customers in New Zealand call 0800 345 677 or email [email protected].

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