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Boost Cyber Resilience using Genetec Cloud Services

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With over 96% of organisations now using some form of cloud technology, it’s crucial to understand the security measures in place to defend sensitive access control and video surveillance data from cyber threats. Despite this, many organisations still lack the necessary policies and procedures to secure their data, resulting in data breaches caused by malicious actors, human error, and other factors.

JD Security & Genetec believe that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility among employees, contractors, and partners, not just IT experts. That’s why we promote stronger data protection and privacy controls in physical security industry hardware and software, and advocate for systems that are cyber resilient through a combination of security controls, redundant data storage, and thorough employee training.

Cyber Resilience Defined

A robust cybersecurity approach doesn’t just focus on protecting vulnerable systems from data breaches and malware, but also creating systems and processes to ensure cyber resilience. Resilient systems are designed to limit the impact of cyber threats and unauthorised access, shortening the recovery time from a security breach.

For example, consider two companies: Company A, where employees share one admin-level account with access to all online systems, and Company B, where each employee has their own username and password with limited access. If an intern at either company were to accidentally drop their login information on the street, Company B with its strict password policies and cyber hygiene would be more resilient to threats caused by unauthorised access.

Cloud-based Solutions for Physical Security Systems

Cloud-based solutions offer numerous benefits compared to on-premises systems, especially for businesses without IT staff or expertise to maintain and update software regularly. For businesses with internal IT resources, a hybrid deployment model combining cloud and on-premises solutions may also be a viable option.

When selecting a security systems integrator, look for one who assigns a cloud security expert to assist in setting up a cyber resilient system and offers advice on developing cyber hygiene protocols to reduce the risk of a breach caused by human error. Inquire about the measures in place to safeguard data and control access to private information, and examine the provider’s approach to supply chain risk by purchasing only security hardware and software from manufacturers following cybersecurity best practices.

How Genetec Ensures Safety in their Systems & Software

Genetec ensures the security of their systems by combining security controls, redundant data storage, and employee training. Due to these robust security measures, they offer a 99.5% uptime guarantee for their cloud-based Stratocast™ Video Management System.

As evident, cloud services play a crucial role in boosting cyber resilience. By selecting a provider that prioritises cybersecurity, businesses can secure sensitive data and minimize the risk of breaches. Genetec recognises the importance of data protection and implements robust security measures to guarantee the cyber-resilience of their systems.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Genetec can assist in enhancing cybersecurity and protect data, contact JD Security today. Our experts are ready to answer any questions and help in building a secure and cyber-resilient system.

Call us on 1300 556 334 or email [email protected] to learn more.

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