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Genetec Security Center 5.10 Release

What’s new in Genetec Security Center 5.10?

The latest release of Genetec Security Center, its unified security platform, is now available. Security Center 5.10 bridges the gap between on-premises systems and the Cloud with new connected services, a more powerful web client, and the ability to deploy our communication module, Sipelia, in the Cloud.

This new version makes it easier to connect external data sources to your system, coordinate response in the field, and scale your system to your operations.

Migrate at your own pace

Moving to the Cloud is not an all-or-nothing decision. Many organizations have taken the leap and moved their entire system to the Cloud. For others, legacy systems, mission criticality, or infrastructure concerns have led them to take a more gradual approach.

Today, the majority of new systems are connected to the Cloud in some form. Last year, 78% of new Security Center systems deployed were connected to the Genetec Update Service, a four-fold increase in just three years*. Genetec Security Center 5.10 takes advantage of this trend. Omnicast Cloud storage is a new connected service for our video management system that extends on-premises storage to allow users to scale capacity up and down, making it easier to optimize costs.

The performance tier gives operators and investigators immediate access to recent archives. The long-term tier offers a cost-effective storage option for archives that aren’t immediately needed. Video is automatically transferred between tiers based on system policies. For the full details, download the Omnicast Cloud storage feature note.

Security Center web client gives users a unified experience from any computer. Version 5.10 enables the full management of access control credentials and access rules, from creation to modification and deletion. Combined with existing administrative features, this lowers the need to rely on installed clients. Find out more about the web client.

Finally, Sipelia, the unified communications management module of Security Center, is now available as a service. Deployed in the Cloud and fully managed by Genetec, you can now expand your on-premises system in a hybrid deployment, or unify your security in a fully SaaS environment.

Bring in data with a point-and-click interface

Security Center allows access to a constantly growing ecosystem of over 900 systems, sensors, and applications. Its extensive software development kit (SDK) provides a solution to integrate systems unique to your environment. But the rapid pace of technology development, combined with the different operational systems available means that code-based integration can be too time-consuming or costly for some use cases.

The new Record Fusion Service role provides a no-code path to bring external data into your Security Center system. Through a simple point-and-click interface, you can import data from Excel, CSV, JSON, or other common structured data files. You can then map out columns of data to custom Security Center fields and tailor the way it’s displayed. From there, you can use this data to trigger events, provide situational information on dynamic maps, or as part of reports and dashboards.

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