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Genetec Security Center 5.11 is a Major Release

A Simpler Way to Unlock Unification

The Genetec Security Center 5.11, release incorporates unification within the fundamental offering of Security Center by simplifying the product offering. We are shifting to unified base packages for Standard, Pro, and Enterprise, which will include everything needed for Omnicast™, Synergis™, AutoVu™, as well as Sipelia™ and Intrusion Monitoring. The functionalities will be activated as soon as you purchase or upgrade to a Security Center 5.11 system, effectively eliminating any barrier to entry for unifying your systems.

Beyond simplifying the path to unification, Security Center 5.11 includes previously optional features that enhance your security operations, directly within the base packages. These features include advanced mapping, KiwiVision™ security analytics, threat level management, and much more.

Facilitate the Transition to Hybrid-Cloud

Transitioning to a hybrid-cloud architecture is not always an easy task. However, the new Streamvault Edge™ will help decrease local complexity while unlocking the benefits of true connectivity. Supported by Security Center 5.11, Streamvault Edge is ideal for multi-site operations. Industries such as banking and retail, or enterprises with remote and unmanned sites, can be empowered to take the leap towards hybrid-cloud.

Our new appliance allows you to modernize your system while leveraging existing legacy cameras and security infrastructure. It also enables the gradual migration to a hybrid architecture without disrupting operations. The appliance is a low-maintenance, plug-and-play device that makes commissioning, deployment, and managing connected remote sites simple and straightforward, without the need for specialised IT expertise.

A New Platform for a New Type of User

We’re also introducing the Genetec Web App, scheduled to release with Security Center 5.11.1. The Genetec Web App will be map-centric, portable, and intuitive, providing an easy to deliver system for operators that need access to their security system throughout their other day-to-day activities.

This application will be continuously and independently updatable, delivering a consistent stream of innovation at a rapid pace. This means your system will tailor to your needs as they evolve. The Genetec Web App delivers more than simple security monitoring – it includes event monitoring, unified reporting, and incident management.

General Enhancements

With Security Center 5.11 and Sipelia 2.13, handle calls from SIP devices like intercoms, or other members of your security team, directly through Genetec Mobile. This new feature allows you to stay connected while you’re on the move; whether they be routine tasks like answering calls to a door station or tackling emergency situations.

Security Center 5.11 is bringing new enhancements to our Security Desk platform. Improvements for streaming video from Genetec Mobile into Security Center have been made, as well as newly added email features that help facilitate communication and email automation. Security Center 5.11 includes a new feature to import/export client options, which allows Security Desk users to easily move between different workstations while maintaining all their Security Desk and Config Tool settings.

Unification, all Included

Security Center 5.11 leverages unification from the get-go with in a new simplified offering that includes access to a valuable set of productivity-enhancing features. This release also facilitates the shift to hybrid-cloud with our Streamvault Edge appliances. Closely following this release, the Genetec Web App will provide a map-centric, portable, and intuitive tool for security operators. Finally, new enhancements in Genetec Mobile will make it easier for your security team to act on the go using Sipelia on mobile, and several other improvements.

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