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Inner Range links Integriti/Infiniti with Nx Witness VMS Integration

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Inner Range announces Integriti/Infiniti-Nx Witness Plug-in

Inner Range’s R&D department completed the link to control the Nx Witness video management platform with the Integriti/Infiniti solution. End users’ ability to stream both live and recorded video, as well as control PTZ cameras through Integriti/Infiniti via this open platform, allows customers to monitor physical access control events throughout their facility, all achieved from a central monitoring workstation.

In addition, Integriti/Infiniti responds to events that may be triggered within the video surveillance system. These events/alarms are categorised by Integriti/Infiniti to follow the requirements set forth by the system’s user. The Inner Range solution responds effectively as the incident demands.

“Inner Range appreciates the openness and standardisation of ONVIF and other standards committees that NxWitness supports. These make interoperability more efficient and effective for the integrator,” according to Bob Dolan, ONVIF TSC chair and Inner Range North American Business Director.

Many clients require the integration of video surveillance with access control, and this combination of products provides that solution to meet the ever-expanding needs of organisations. Inner Range also includes intrusion functionality into this integration, which adds capabilities that otherwise might create frustration in integrators’ minds.

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