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JD Security’s Response to COVID-19

Dear Customer,

In accordance with the advice of the Federal and State Governments and the World Health Organisation (WHO) JD Security (JDS) has implemented our Coronavirus response plan.

We’ve taken all recommended precautionary measures as directed by the Federal Government Department of Health and the
Department of Home Affairs and all State Governments in response to the COVID-19 outbreak to date.

We are monitoring this advice and actioning changes that are specific to our circumstances as they are communicated.

We are providing updates to our employees as soon government announcements that impact us are made.

We have already instituted the following procedures across our business:

  • Social Distancing – Operations, Sales, Service & Projects have been split into multiple teams so that exposure to each other is reduced
  • Where roles permit some employees are working from home
  • Our mobile employees who need to visit our customers will otherwise work from home
  • Employees who must come on premises are split up & working in separate areas throughout our workplace
  • We’ve installed additional fixed hand sanitiser dispensers in all departments and at building entry points
  • We’ve increased our number of scheduled office cleans and are disinfecting our places of work on a regular basis throughout working hours
  • We’ve increased awareness of the need for improved personal hygiene measures
  • Face to face meetings have been postponed
  • Non-essential domestic travel has been postponed
  • No international travel is permitted

We have followed the advice of the Australian Government Department of Health at
and are continuing to review:

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  5. 5.

We also continue to follow international media to keep abreast with what is happening overseas.

JD Security appreciates our customers ongoing support during this uncertain period.

If you have any questions for us please contact Adminstration on 02 8787 7562

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