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2021 Guide to Security Equipment

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2021 Guide to Security Equipment

Our article on how the pandemic has changed the security industry mentioned the new directions that technology has taken. The necessary development of new applications in response to Covid-19 include the non-negotiable requirement for mask wearing and other significant operational adjustments.

As your organisation’s technology specialists will tell you, the playing field for tech is constantly changing — which is a challenge for teams who want to stay up-to-date and retain their competitive or operational advantages.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the newest product developments in video surveillance and security systems. We’ll explain their benefits and give you the information you need to give your organisation a head start on your next physical security investment.

1. Security Systems

There’s been exponential growth in the integration of security systems with third-party platforms in recent years. Traditionally, many security systems have come with access control on-board, but the latest developments focus heavily on the integration of video management systems, mobile access, IP intercoms, wireless access control and visitor and contractor management.

One of the leaders in integrated security & access control systems is Inner Range. Their flagship world-class Integriti platform has had many of the world’s leading manufacturers of security equipment & software developers lining up to be the next partner to propose an Integriti integration.

The marriage between security systems and video management systems (VMS) is foremost and has enabled false alarm reduction, but other important developments include the contactless issuance of mobile access credentials, video analytics and wireless access control. Integrations have grown to include the following products and partners:

  • HID Origo Mobile Access Control credential provisioning – ability to create or edit users within Integriti and then automatically issue mobile credentials
  • Genetec Security Center VMS
  • Geutebruck G-Core VMS
  • AXIS Camera Station
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Nx Witness VMS
  • Avigilon Control Center VMS
  • Milestone XProtect VMS
  • Number Plate Recognition
  • Lift Systems with manufacturers including KONE, Schindler, OTIS, TKE & Mitsubishi
  • Wireless Access Control
  • Intercom Systems
  • Keylockers
  • Lighting Control
  • Visitor & Contractor Management

Functionality created by such integrations includes:

  • Contactless sign-in for staff, visitors and contractors
  • Health and safety compliance
  • SMS and email notification upon visitor or contractor sign-in
  • Mobile access control credential issuance
  • Association of access control door events with video

SAFR is quickly gaining attention for its fast and accurate AI-powered facial recognition suite of computer vision features. Optimised to run on virtually any camera — or camera-enabled device using an SDK — SAFR provides enhanced security and convenience.

SAFR is ideal for:

  • Touchless Access Control – face-based access control is more secure & hygienic given the public health emergencies we’re currently experiencing.
  • Detect when somebody enters an area without a face mask — trigger alerts or alarms if unmasked faces appear
  • Restrict access at touchless-secure access points to only masked faces to encourage 100% mask compliance
  • Anonymously track mask compliance rates
  • Detect if a mask is removed in an area where it shouldn’t be
  • SAFR can also be integrated with existing access technology to allow registered individuals to unlock a door using their face — or to enable a secondary request for additional identification, also known as dual factor authentication.

SAFR can also integrated with leading video management systems including Genetec Security Center, Nx Witness and Milestone XProtect.

3. Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is seeing the emergence of deep learning, also known as artificial intelligence (AI), with exciting advances in algorithmic capability to provide better object detection and classification, and facial recognition.

AXIS has started releasing their first deep learning models, which includes the AXIS Q1615 Mk III, AXIS Q1615-LE Mk III and the AXIS P3255-LVE. All models feature their AI-based object detection and classification intelligence application – AXIS Object Analytics. The AI algorithms performs strongly when faced with typical analytics challenges (i.e. activities that are beyond the capability of video motion detection and heuristics) including the detection and classification of people running, crawling or being only partly visible.

Their deep learning neural network, system on a chip, has also been trained to avoid false alerts (also known as false positives) from outdoor sources including animals, foliage, shadows and lighting changes. Deep learning analytics also provide extremely accurate vehicle detection, properly classifying cars, trucks, buses and bikes.

AXIS Object Analytic events can also be pushed into video management systems including Genetec Security Center, Nx Witness and Milestone XProtect.

4. AXIS D2110-VE Radar Detector with Analytic Object Tracking for Pan, Tilt, Zoom Cameras

AXIS D2110-VE radar detector offers a comprehensive 180° horizontal angle of view, allowing for the detection of people from up to 60 metres away and vehicles from as far as 85 metres in any weather condition – even heavy rainstorms.

Furthermore, its ingenious coexistence function provides the capacity to mount multiple AXIS D2110-VEs close together. For example, two of them can be placed back-to-back for 360° coverage over an area measuring more than 22000 m2 – thus allowing comprehensive detection of moving vehicles.

Featuring built-in analytics developed using machine and deep learning, it can accurately detect, classify, and track people and vehicles with a low false alarm rate. This results in cost-efficient operation so security personnel can focus on other activities, saving your organisation time and money. It can also provide the speed of an object to determine if a vehicle is exceeding the speed limit.

Designed to automatically control the direction and zoom of one or many PTZ cameras for optimised views.

The radar detector is compatible with AXIS Q60, AXIS Q61, AXIS Q62, AXIS Q86, and AXIS Q87 series cameras.

Teamed up with the AXIS Q8752-E the combined strength of both products provides an enviable advantage to any organisation looking to detect people in the dark at long distances, with their AXIS PTZ’s being directed and zoomed by radar. The D2110-VE integrates with Genetec Security Center via the Restricted Security Area (RSA) plugin, which allows users to create arming zones on a map. Once installed, the radar is added as a tracking system, which displays object location and tracking in real time.


Threats evolve along with solutions, and failing to keep up with the times can leave your organisation inefficient at best and vulnerable at worst.

JD Security takes a holistic approach to assure the security of our customers and their most vital assets. And we don’t leave what we believe is essential technology in an organisation’s lap without proper guidance.

Take complete control of your security with expert help: contact us today to learn what options are available and how you can deploy them to your full advantage.

Call us on 1300 556 334 or email [email protected] to learn more.

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