Genetec Advantage

Genetec Advantage is a comprehensive maintenance package offered by Genetec that includes software upgrades, premium support, and system monitoring. It is designed to enhance the value of security investments by ensuring that systems are always up-to-date with the latest software releases, including new capabilities, performance, usability improvements, security updates, and expanded third-party integrations.

Software Upgrades

The software upgrades provided under Genetec Advantage cover both minor and major releases, offering several benefits. These benefits include access to cutting-edge features, which leverage the latest technology in security systems, enabling new use cases and insights and potentially decreasing operational costs. Usability improvements help system administrators to configure and use the software more efficiently, while performance enhancements maximise hardware investments. Security improvements ensure compliance with evolving security requirements and best practices, and new third-party integrations expand the security ecosystem.

Premium Support

Genetec Advantage also includes premium support services such as phone and chat support, available during business hours, prioritised support requests for faster response times, a collaborative support model with interactive transfers from front-line technicians to product support specialists to streamline case resolution, in-depth troubleshooting from advanced product experts for complex issues, support in multiple languages, immediate access to available hotfixes, and unlimited case tracking through the Genetec portal. Additional optional services, such as 24/7 support, access to a dedicated engineer, and customised knowledge-based services from Genetec Professional Services, are available.

Genetec Advantage

System Availability Monitor

The System Availability Monitor feature allows system integrators to monitor the system remotely through a web-based interface. It provides real-time statistics on system uptime, mean time to recovery, and downtime and helps identify potential issues by inspecting raised alarms to take preemptive action.

Training and Learning Tools

Genetec Advantage also provides self-service training and learning tools to empower operators with the latest system knowledge and training. This includes access to the Advantage Learning Portal for introductory operator training courses, Operator Chat Assistance for quick questions, and vouchers for complete end-user certification training.

The Genetec Advantage package is based on the number of connections and is available for terms ranging from 1 to 5 years. It includes a variety of support and service levels, such as online self-help tools, basic operator onboarding courses, online support case management, general technical assistance, real-time support, advanced troubleshooting, and premium live chat and phone support. Optional advanced support services are also available.

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