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Genetec Transaction Finder

Point of Sale Integration with Fast Search

Genetec Security Center Transaction Finder is an embedded POS search & Exception-Based Reporting (EBR) tool that helps retail teams speed up POS investigations by easily detecting suspicious transactions.


Working with a variety of tools and applications to identify theft trends is a critical aspect of any retail investigator’s job. But this is a daunting task with the volume of Point of Sale (POS) transactions to sift through. Part of detecting suspicious activity involves exporting a large list of transactions out of your POS system & then manually finding the associated video by retrieving the right cameras and keying in time codes to determine whether certain transactions should be flagged for investigation. With so many transactions to review, it makes it challenging to know where to prioritise your efforts & how best to protect profits.

A better approach exists today

With Genetec Security Center Transaction Finder, the investigator can search for suspicious transaction behavior and immediately view the corresponding video. Then decide whether to further investigate or not, all within one intuitive interface. For example, the investigator can search for all refund transactions in the last week where there is no motion detected on the customer side of the register–then immediately review the video of those transactions for more context. You can even obtain valuable business intelligence, such as POS conversion rates & average basket value by connecting Transaction Finder to Genetec Retail Sense™.

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