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Genetec ClearID

What is Genetec ClearID?

Genetec ClearID offers organisations a smarter way to manage physical access control and ensure compliance. By using the ClearID self-service solution, businesses can easily streamline the flow of people accessing their premises, while also greatly reducing the risk of security breaches by simplifying access rights management.

Organisations can standardise & automate security processes across multiple locations, helping to ensure that all users are only granted access to areas where they’re authorised to be. Additionally, Genetec ClearID is integrated with Active Directory, allowing companies to use their existing accounts for authentication and authorisation purposes. With encryption technology built into the system, businesses can rest assured that any data or files that are imported into it will remain secure. The ease of use and functionality provided by Genetec ClearID gives businesses greater control over security processes, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to their premises.

Features & Benefits

  • Self-service solution to manage physical access, reducing risk of security breaches by simplifying access rights management with automated security policies
  • Off-the-shelf approach with rapid deployment and fewer integration requirements
  • Flexible cloud-based approach with identities stored in the closest region to meet country or legal requirements, resulting in less infrastructure needs
  • Easily connect to and enhance existing physical security systems while increasing efficiency, compliance and regulatory standards
  • Comprehensive data analysis capabilities to better understand user patterns and optimize system performance
  • Strong encryption protocols for secure storage and transmission of identities, ensuring data protection and privacy for all users
  • Robust self-service platform for easy onboarding, offboarding, access requests, and credential issuing across multiple sites
  • User friendly interface tailored for different experiences depending on the type of user – employee or visitor
  • Cloud analytics services provide insights into people flow activities across multiple locations to identify trends and anomalies quickly
  • Genetec ClearID Self-Service Kiosk also available – in tabletop and floor stand options

Self Service Access Control

Genetec ClearID is a self service Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) solution for Genetec Synergis™, access control software. Using Genetec ClearID™, you can take control of access and compliance by using a rule-based approach through a web-based interface.

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