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Genetec Disaster Recovery

Protect Your Data with Genetec Disaster Recovery

Every company needs to ensure that their data and infrastructure is secure, but what happens when something unexpected occurs? In the event of a disaster like hardware, network, or storage failure, companies can be left with costly losses and shut down operations. This can be avoided with Genetec’s native Disaster Recovery feature.

The Disaster Recovery feature offers businesses key benefits such as a cyber-resilient system that evolves with time to face current and future threats; peace of mind without worrying about losing data or system configurations; continuous access to live and recorded video data; and uninterrupted operations no matter the incident.

With Security Centers’ Omnicast Failover Archiver you can prevent video downtime as it detects failures of the primary server within seconds, so live video streams continue even in the event of hardware failure or network interruptions. Additionally, your important data is kept safe from disasters and cyberattacks with triplicate copies saved in the Cloud. Failover directory also provides hot standby and load balancing options for further redundancy to protect against any interruption ensuring your system stays online.

The multilayered software security model ensures faulty components are detected quickly as well as providing backup modes for database synchronisation such as backup and restore mode or SQL Always-On mode for continuous synchronisation. That way if there is an issue with one component it won’t bring down your entire system.

At JD Security we provide our customers with solutions that deliver the best protection now and in the future which they can trust us to do. If you are looking for ways to protect your business from unforeseen disasters then contact us today about Genetec Disaster Recovery – it could save your business time, money, and reputation.

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