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Synergis Cloud Link

IP & PoE Enabled Intelligent Appliance

Synergis™ Cloud Link intelligent PoE-enabled controller is a component of the Genetec Synergis IX range that provides intrusion detection & access control. Synergis Cloud Link provides native support of widely-deployed & non-proprietary card readers from HID, LP & EP intelligent controllers from Mercury Security, electronic locks from ASSA ABLOY, Allegion, SimonsVoss and SALTO, and the AXIS A1601 door controller. The appliance links your existing on-premises hardware like controllers, modules, and electronic locks to the cloud, reliably and securely.

When upgrading an existing installation, Synergis Cloud Link’s open architecture allows you to leverage your current access control infrastructure and upgrade to an IP-based solution. Equipped with native IP and PoE capabilities and encrypted to provide highly-secure communication over your network, the appliance can support up to 256 readers and electronic locks, as well as monitor hundreds of zones and detection devices.

Synergis Cloud Link connects seamlessly to Synergis, the IP access control system from Genetec that provides real-time monitoring of events & alarms, advanced cardholder and visitor management, and comprehensive reporting. Key Synergis features include:

IP-ready and PoE-enabled intelligent appliance designed for non-proprietary access control.

Synergis Cloud Link buffers access control & alarm events to an off-site Genetec Synergis application in real-time. This means that you could use Cloud Link at all of your branches and have them report to a Synergis server at head office so that you don’t have to deploy Synergis servers at remote sites.

Cloud-Ready Access Control Device

As technology evolves and cloud adoption accelerates, both on-premises & cloud-enabled access control are converging. Synergis Cloud Link connects and controls your current access control hardware to an IP network so that managing your access control over many places is as simple as managing your access control infrastructure like access control as a service.

Key Features

  • Compatible with door controllers including HID EDGE & Vertx EVO, AXIS, Mercury etc
  • Compatible with wireless locking systems from ASSA ABLOY Aperio/Sargent/Corbin Ruswin, Allegion Schlage, SALTO & SimonsVoss
  • Supports PoE enabled devices including HID EDGE EVO, ASSA ABLOY PoE locks and the AXIS A1601 controller


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