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Genetec Sipelia

SIP Communications for Genetec Security Center

Genetec Sipelia is a Genetec Security Center module that enables SIP-based communications between operators & intercom devices deployed throughout your facility. With doors, parking gates, & cameras linked to your intercom devices, your team can effectively respond & manage any incoming call with greater effectiveness & situational awareness.

Genetec Sipelia Communications Management offers a wide range of features to enhance security and communications within an organisation. These features include:

  • Unified with Access Control and Video: Call stations can be associated with doors and cameras, ensuring that door – and camera-related actions are readily available.
  • Call Dialog: Operators can initiate, answer, forward, place on hold, or cancel calls from an easy-to-use and dedicated call dialogue.
  • Audio/Video Calls Between Operators: Standard USB headsets and microphones can be deployed to allow team communication within the Security Center interface.
  • Visual and Audible Call Notifications: Operators are instantly notified of incoming calls through the notification tray.
  • Fully SIP Enabled: It connects to intercom devices, exchange servers, and mobile apps through the SIP standard.
  • Supports Popular SIP Enabled Intercom Systems: Sipelia integrates with the most popular intercom brands and models from Zenitel, Commend, and Castel.

  • Call Reporting and Playback of Call Sessions: Staff can run reports to investigate communications activity and replay call sessions with associated video.

  • Customisable Ring Groups and Phone Book: Custom ring groups can be built so multiple operators receive incoming calls, and a Phone Book can be built to access call recipients quickly.
  • Sipelia SIP Server Module: This module can manage SIP-enabled edge devices such as intercom stations and SIP-enabled intercom exchange servers. Security Desk operators can also leverage Sipelia to communicate directly with intercom devices and other operators through video calls within the user interface.

These features collectively enhance collaboration, situational awareness, and overall security operations by integrating communications directly with security management systems.

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