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Perimeter Security

Genetec Restricted Security Area Surveillance

Perimeter security is the first line of defence for any intrusion threatening a restricted security area in protected infrastructure. However, infrastructure such as oil rigs, airports, prisons, and utilities with an expansive area to protect face challenges in securing their perimeter and restricted security areas and coordinating a response in the event of an intrusion. These critical infrastructures rely on different technologies to secure their surroundings, but these technologies are often siloed. This leads to false alarms due to their limitations, which include environmental sensitivity, range, lighting, and identity classifications.

Perimeter security surveillance unifies various detection systems such as fence, radar, laser, LiDAR, and video analytics into the Genetec Security Center. Integrating different technologies under one unique visualisation pane helps reduce false alarms, enhance overall security and operations, and give your operators greater command and control.

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