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Genetec Plan Manager

Visualise your Security Environment

Genetec Plan Manager is the interactive mapping module of Security Center. It helps you visualize events, locate security devices & operators close by and pull up cameras, unlock doors, or activate other devices – all from the same interface.

Traditional tile-based monitoring interfaces have been used by security professionals for decades. But in today’s data-rich environment, you don’t get the full context. They also abstract the layout of devices available to operators. This risks slowing down training & response time for new operators.

Plan Manager provides a complete map-based monitoring solution. It displays the location of events and devices on geographical maps & floor plans. Cameras, doors, automatic license plate recognition units, intercoms, and other security devices can be operated without changing tasks. The location of Genetec Mobile app users is also shown in real-time, with the ability to send messages or share video clips with just a few clicks. And with built-in data layer support, Plan Manager can also display relevant information from external systems, enriching operators’ comprehension so they can quickly make the right decision.

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