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KiwiVision Integrity Monitor

Optimise Security & Maintenance Tasks

Your cameras are your eyes in the field. With so many cameras in modern video surveillance systems, manually checking visual quality or camera tampering can be complex and costly. As a result, critical video footage can be unavailable or of poor quality, slowing down or hampering investigations.

Make sure that your cameras are operational and efficient at all times with the KiwiVision™ Camera Integrity Monitor. With this video analytics module for Genetec Security Center Omnicast, your operators are notified when a camera has been tampered with.

Your maintenance team will also know when to fix or replace cameras deployed around your facilities. Available widgets will enable them to create dedicated dashboards for better visualization and tracking of the current status of your cameras.

This is especially useful for large systems of hundreds or thousands of cameras that make it nearly impossible to manually check each camera’s image and field of view.

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