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Identity Request

Streamline Identity Requests with Genetec ClearID

As a business owner or manager, you’re responsible for keeping your premises secure while allowing authorised individuals to access your facilities. This requires you to manage identities for your employees, tenants, and contractors. However, doing this manually can be time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to error. That’s why we recommend using Genetec ClearID™ to simplify and streamline the identity request process.

With ClearID, you can create and manage identities with ease using the self-service portal. This user-friendly portal allows employees with the appropriate permissions to request an identity for a contractor, tenant, or new employee who is not already in your access control system. Unlike traditional manual methods, ClearID provides a streamlined workflow-based process that is both efficient and seamless.

One benefit of using ClearID is that it reduces the risk of human error. The system automates the process of requesting a new identity and assigns access rights automatically. This ensures that your company’s security remains intact while minimising the chances of mistakes that could compromise it.

In addition, ClearID increases accountability by providing complete visibility to the relevant stakeholders. This means that when a new identity is requested and approved, the requester, approver, and reason for the request are all tracked. The system creates a cardholder in Security Center Synergis™, and the entire process is recorded in the audit trail.

Another advantage is that ClearID allows you to request multiple identities in one single request using the same identity template. This means that you don’t have to interrupt multiple individuals who may not be the correct approvers. Only supervisors and/or identity approvers can approve or deny identity requests, and account administrators can create an identity template.

Overall, using Genetec ClearID can help you optimise your contractor and employee management while improving your company’s security. With the automated workflow-based approach, notification emails, approval process, and other key features, ClearID provides a simple and efficient way to manage identities. It’s time to streamline your identity request process and invest in a secure future for your business with Genetec ClearID.

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