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Genetec Airport Sense

Build a Smoother Passenger Experience

Your airport’s success is intimately linked with your passengers’ experience. How seamlessly they move from drop-off to check-in, past screening and into retail and boarding areas directly impacts their level of satisfaction. The goal is to have happy travelers that will contribute to your airport’s commercial success.

Genetec Airport Sense, an optional analytics plug-in for
Genetec Security Center, is an advanced analytics solution that extracts valuable insights from sensors you’ve already invested in, such as video security cameras. These insights give you a deeper understanding of what’s happening in your airport – helping you create a passenger journey that’s faster & smoother.

The insights gained through Airport Sense allow you to pinpoint hindrances to the flow of passengers in ticketing, screening & passport control – and identify where queues build in areas such as duty free, entertainment & pre‑boarding. With Airport Sense, you’ll get a clearer understanding of your airport environment, helping you give passengers a seamless experience – from drop-off to take-off.

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