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Streamvault SVR-300AR

All-in-one Vehicle Monitoring Appliance

Designed and ruggedized for vehicular operation, the Streamvault™ SVR-300AR is the ideal in-vehicle appliance to collect and record vehicle data, such as onboard video and GPS location.

Monitor the vehicles in your fleet with an in-vehicle appliance equipped with a wide variety of I/O ports.
The Streamvault™ SVR-300AR supports the connection and management of up to eight video cameras.

It also has two front-accessible SIM slots for wireless data offload and live streaming of onboard data. Available with
preloaded Security Center Vehicle Monitoring software, the Streamvault™ SVR-300AR simplifies your deployment of Security Center Fleet Monitoring solutions.

Key Features

  • Rail certifed
  • Turnkey appliance with
    Genetec Security Center pre-installed
  • Available as part of Security Center Vehicle Monitoring solutions
  • Onboard recording of vehicle video and sensor data
  • 5-year hardware warranty with 1-year advance replacement

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